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SD85 Get Out Art Projects

I hope you enjoyed working on your nature art projects inspired by the work of Andy Goldsworthy.  I hope you are getting a chance to do more Andy Goldsworthy art when you are at the beach, in the forest, or even in your own backyard. Until you can see your own art, here is a link that you might enjoy:


Oceans Alive- Mosaic and Batik

This Mosaic Earth was made by the EVES Primary classes for Earth Day 2009

We have been talking about the creatures of the ocean and how we need to keep the oceans as clean as we can.  We learned about how much water covers the earth when we made this mosaic- the continents were completed in a morning and the oceans took two weeks of intensive work!  With so much of our planet being covered in water, we decided to do an art project that would generate discussion about oceans.  Our batik project focused on ocean animals.








The ocean creatures is their wonderous diversity depend on a clean environment and we depend on the oceans for food and oxygen.  There are a lot of things we can do to improve the state of the oceans.  Using biodegradeable, phosphate free  products when we clean and keeping chemicals and soap out of the storm drains is an easy way to help our oceans.  Having a clean running boat or a sail powered or human powered boat is another easy way to help keep oil and gas out of the ocean water.  Cleaning up litter on the beach and making sure plastics don’t find their way to the ocean is another way to help protect the sea creatures who mistake our trash for food.  Making sure that all fishing nets and gear are brought in after we use them will prevent sea creatures from being tangled up.  Each person making wise choices in their daily activities can improve the oceans that cover 3/4 of our planet.

Finding 100 ways we can help the planet

1. use cloth bags when shopping…..2. put litter in it’s proper place…..3. buy organic food…. 4. only open the fridge for a few seconds….5. turn off lights when you leave a room…6. use task lighting instead of overhead lights….7. take the bus instead of driving…..8. pick up any garbage you see…..9. don’t buy water in plastic bottles….10.use tap water in reuseable bottles…..11. make donations in people’s names instead of buying gifts….12.  walk to school and work….13. wear hand-me-downs…..14. use phosphate free cleaning products….15.use vinegar to clean and disinfect…..16. recycle paper…17.recycle cardboard….18. recycle 1-7 plastics…19.have litterless lunches by using reuseable containers ……20. eat lower on the food chain- eat less meat…… 21. buy hybrid cars…….22. use cloth bags instead of wrapping paper….23. wash your car less often, use biodegradeable soap and wash it on the grass….24. take ecofriendly holidays……25. pick up litter while you are out for a walk….26.  buy postconsumer fibre paper products….27. use soy based crayons…28. compost…29. buy local food when you can…30. grow your own food in a garden…31. put a sweater on instead of turning on the heat…32. take car of your things so you don’t have to replace them…33. watch nature documentaries so you develop your awareness…

Making the planet cleaner and more beautiful!


Here are some of the picture frames we made by rolling magazine paper and gluing the tubes onto recycled cardboard.

Treasures made from recycled materials


Picture Perfect


We’re Going GREEN!

We are a fabulous group of kids who are helping the environment by doing projects and artwork.  We are going GREEN!    This blog will document our projects and all of the things we learn.  We invite you to join us in this adventure!