EcoArt Club-Art to Inspire Change

Oceans Alive- Mosaic and Batik

This Mosaic Earth was made by the EVES Primary classes for Earth Day 2009

We have been talking about the creatures of the ocean and how we need to keep the oceans as clean as we can.  We learned about how much water covers the earth when we made this mosaic- the continents were completed in a morning and the oceans took two weeks of intensive work!  With so much of our planet being covered in water, we decided to do an art project that would generate discussion about oceans.  Our batik project focused on ocean animals.








The ocean creatures is their wonderous diversity depend on a clean environment and we depend on the oceans for food and oxygen.  There are a lot of things we can do to improve the state of the oceans.  Using biodegradeable, phosphate free  products when we clean and keeping chemicals and soap out of the storm drains is an easy way to help our oceans.  Having a clean running boat or a sail powered or human powered boat is another easy way to help keep oil and gas out of the ocean water.  Cleaning up litter on the beach and making sure plastics don’t find their way to the ocean is another way to help protect the sea creatures who mistake our trash for food.  Making sure that all fishing nets and gear are brought in after we use them will prevent sea creatures from being tangled up.  Each person making wise choices in their daily activities can improve the oceans that cover 3/4 of our planet.


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